This Genius Mom Creates Superhero Hearing Aids For Her Son

By lheidi - June 11, 2019

Kids love superheroes. That’s just a fact of life. If you’ve ever met a kid, there’s a very high chance that they spend their free time running around, pretending to be Batman or Iron Man. They’ve probably had really long arguments with their mom about why they can’t go to school dressed like Aquaman, and how it’s totally okay for them to wear a Green Lantern mask while they’re the ring bearer at their uncle’s wedding, and how their Sunday best should totally consist of a Captain America outfit because it’s totally fine for them to go to church that way.

Anything and everything superhero will make anything better for a kid. You can use superheroes as a way to get kids to do things, or as a way to make them feel better. This one mom used superheroes to save the day when her deaf son had to wear a hearing aid.

Hearing Aid


Most hearing aids aren’t designed to be fashionable, they’re designed to be functional. They can greatly assist someone is hard of hearing.

But isn’t that the case with most medical devices? They’re meant to be used for a specific purpose. You never see a hearing aid or a walker as an item on the runway.

Having a functional hearing aid is important, but sometimes the person who’s supposed to wear it won’t want to if it doesn’t look good.

Kids Are Picky


Kids are notoriously picky when it comes to doing pretty much literally anything that’s good for them.

Kids won’t even eat food unless it’s designed in a fun shape or everything on their plate is just one color.

It’s even harder to get kids to do something that sets them apart, like having to wear a hearing aid. Sure, they need to wear it, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to want to. It’s a struggle to make it happen.

Feeling Isolated


And sometimes children who are deaf can end up feeling isolated because of their physical condition.

No one else around them has to wear a hearing aid, but they have to have something in their ear that makes them different.

If there’s one thing kids hate, it’s having to do something that makes them stick out from the crowd. It’s almost like putting a big target on yourself that says that you stand out and are different.

Mom To The Rescue


One mother, Sarah Ivermee, was running up against this problem with her deaf son who had to wear a hearing aid.

She discovered that her young son was deaf, and didn’t want him to feel isolated from other children.

It was definitely a real possibility that his condition would make him feel different from other children, and make him feel like he didn’t belong with them. No kid wants to feel like they’re set apart from other kids.

Does The Job


Sarah’s son was given a hearing aid, but it was rather plain looking, and not very fun.

“Soon after diagnosis he was given his first hearing aid, a small beige coloured device with a clear mould.  Not the best looking but it did the job!” said Sarah.

“Then last year, at 3 years old he had a cochlear implant fitted and the device choices were mildly better, but still just simple colours.” That was about to change.

Heard It From A Friend


It had happened to someone else that she knew, and she didn’t want it to happen to her son.

Sarah had a friend who had a daughter who had a hearing impairment. The daughter had to wear a hearing aid, and she felt isolated from the other kids because of it.

It’s unfortunate that she would have to feel that way because of a physical condition that she had, but kids aren’t exactly the most welcoming people.

An Idea


So Sarah came up with an idea that would make her son stand out from the rest of the kids, but in a good way.

She decided to make the hearing aid and advantage, instead of a disadvantage, and do something that would make her son want to wear it.

Sarah created a line of hearing aids that were decorated with superheroes and cartoon characters, making them look super cool and something that seems like it’s fun to wear.

Apart From The Crowd


Sarah’s idea was so successful that she ended up starting a company to make more decorated hearing aids for children who might be going through a similar experience.

Sarah’s company is called Lugs, and it was founded in 2014.

The company makes custom kits for hearing aids, adding some fun to the cochlear implants or hearing aids that the kids have to wear. It’s a wonderful idea, and it’s about time someone is starting to do this.

Instant Superhero


The custom made hearing aids also turn children who need them into really cool superheroes.

Isn’t this similar to what Iron Man and some of the other superheroes wear in the movies? It gives them a special superpower.

“Our son Freddie reaps the most benefit from the business as he gets to choose new designs every month, making all his hearing friends at school very jealous!” said Sarah of her son’s hearing aid. It seems like he loves it.

Boring And Plain


Sarah says that her son was always fine with wearing his hearing aid, but this wasn’t the case with other children.

“But as we met other families with children who had hearing aids and implants we discovered that not all children were as happy to wear their devices,” Sarah said of her experience.

“Most didn’t like the way they looked boring and plain, and unfortunately a lot were embarrassed about wearing them because it made them look different.”

Flower Power


Sarah got the daughter of a friend to love her hearing aid by sticking some flower stickers on it, and the idea for Lugs was born.

“I thought to myself that it seemed such a simple solution there must be some kind of product on the market that did the same,” said Sarah.

“It was a real shame to find there was hardly anything out there that was simple to use and readily available, and this got me thinking!”

For Everyone


The creation of Lugs was a journey for Sarah. She wanted to keep everyone in mind when she was creating her company.

“I wanted to keep costs low to ensure Lugs were available to everyone so I began the 6 month long process of building my own website, sourcing the best quality priced materials and equipment I needed to make my vision reality,” said Sarah.

Now, Lugs is available to any child who might need the product.

Order In


It turns out, there is a real need for Sarah’s vision. Now that Lugs is up and running, she’s able to make other deaf children feel like they’re special.

“Since then the word has began to spread and the orders and enquiries have been coming in,” said Sarah.

“I am so pleased every time my inbox pings and I receive a thank you email accompanied with pictures of children wearing Lugs on their hearing devices and loving them.”

Freddie Wins


But the real winner in the situation is Sarah’s son Freddie, who gets to have the coolest custom hearing aids.

“Needless to say our son Freddie reaps the most benefit from the business as he gets to choose new designs every month, making all his hearing friends at school very jealous!” said Sarah.

Who doesn’t want to have Batman in their ear at all times? It seems like every kid would be jealous of that hearing aid.

Super Powers


What kid wouldn’t want to feel like they’ve suddenly been transformed into a superhero just by putting something in their ear?

It’s possible for them to look at cool as Iron Man thanks to Sarah and her simple invention.

Now, kids don’t have to feel isolated. Instead, they can feel like they’re set apart from everyone else in a good way – because they have a super cool hearing aid with a super cool design in their ear.