This Little Girl Asked For The Most Wonderful Thing For Her Birthday

By lheidi - June 26, 2019

When it’s your birthday you can ask for anything in the world. There are no limits. You can ask for a flat screen TV made out of ice cream that sings your favorite song. Actually, we take the whole “there are no limits” thing back. You have to ask for something that actually exists. Because you can’t get it if it’s not real, even if you blow out all the birthday candles and make a wish with your eyes closed. The birthday candles are not magic. They can not defy the rules of reality, even if you want them to. We wish that your birthday candles had the same functionality as a genie, but sadly, they do not.

The only thing that’s better than wishing for something really great for yourself is wishing for something really great for other people. This one girl made the most heartwarming birthday wish, and it came true.

Happy Birthday


This is Jeff and Julie Bryan with their daughter Addie. They have the biggest smiles on their faces, and they totally deserve it.

When Addie was born, doctors found out that there was something immediately wrong with their daughter.

Being a parent is hard, but it’s much harder when you find out that your child isn’t built the way she’s supposed to be built. It must have been devastating news for her parents to hear on what should be a happy day.

Larsen's Syndrome


It turned out that Addie actually had some physical problems right when she was born.

Addie had a rare case of Larsen’s syndrome , and doctors thought that Addie might never be able to walk because of it.

Addie had hip dysplasia, a club foot, and two knees that bent backwards. No parents wants to hear that, especially on the day that their child is born. Addie was going to have a rough life ahead of her because of it.

The First Surgery


Because of her Larsen’s syndrome, Addie would have to go through a lot of surgeries.

Addie was given her first surgery just a few days after she was born. Addie continued to have a ton of surgeries throughout her young life in order to correct the condition.

Addie’s parents think that Addie had 70 different casts from all of the surgeries because of her condition. A lot of people don’t even have one cast in their entire lives.

The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital


Addie received her treatment from the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, which was located in her home town of Dallas.

The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital is known for its treatment of orthopedic conditions in children. The hospital is also world-renowned for treating sports injuries, as well as certain related arthritic and neurological disorders.

The hospital is great at treating complex orthopedic cases, like Addie’s. Addie would be in good hands at this hospital because they knew what care she would need.

Darkest Before Dawn


Addie had received a lot of medical treatment to fix her condition during her young life.

Still, there was no guarantee that Addie would ever be able to have a normal childhood because of the way that she was born.

Addie’s family still had faith that everything would turn out okay for Addie, despite the fact that it didn’t look that way. They held on to a glimmer of hope that Addie would have a normal childhood.

No Difference


Even though Addie was born with a physical condition, by the time she was seven, she thought of herself as the same as all of the other children who weren’t born with conditions.

Addie had a positive attitude and would always make the best out of whatever situation came her way.

The results that Addie was seeing from all of her surgeries were very impressive, and the people around her took notice of the results that she was experiencing.

Jump Around


Addie’s legs had a slight curve to them because of her condition, but she had seen a lot of improvement.

Addie was able to have a wide range of moment, thanks to her treatment. She was jumping around and living her life.

In fact, Addie was able to spend a lot of time riding her scooter, and spend less time in the hospital. She was very different from what the doctors at her birth said she would be like.

Running Around


Not only could Addie walk, something she was told she would never be able to do, Addie could run.

Addie was aware of how lucky she was to be able to be so mobile, especially because they never thought she would be able to move like this.

Even though Addie was happy, she was experiencing some other feelings about her good luck. Those feelings would motivate her to do something very kind for other children like her.

Birthday Girl


Addie was about to turn eight, but she had concerns that most eight-year-olds don’t have.

Addie was aware of her good luck. The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital had helped her in ways that a simple “thank you” could not express.

Addie was now able to run, walk, and jump, just like any other kid. But she knew that there were some kids out there who weren’t so lucky as she was. Every kid deserves a chance at life, too.

Money Matters


One day, Addie’s mom, Julie, noticed that her daughter was counting up her life savings.

It wasn’t a lot of money, and Julie wasn’t sure why Addie was doing this. Addie said she wasn’t counting up her money because it was fun for her. She wanted to put it towards a good cause.

Addie said that she wanted to donate her life savings to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, the same place that had helped her so much.

Lemonade Stand


Addie’s mom suggested that there was a better way to get even more money for the hospital.

Her mom said that Addie should open up a lemonade stand with her friends in order to raise money for the hospital.

Addie opened up her lemonade stand, but the stand only raised $60 for the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. There had to be a better way for Addie to make more money so she could make a donation to the hospital.

Sign Spinner


Addie decided to make a bigger push to raise money for the hospital that helped her out.

She made a sign asking for people to contribute to the hospital. “My birthday wish is to raise $8,000 for my hospital Texas Scottish Rite for Children,” read the sign.

Addie went outside and stood on the street corner so that she could raise the money for the hospital. Addie was making a big effort to give back to the hospital.

Money, Money


Addie stood outside in the intense Texas heat in order to raise money for the hospital.

And Addie ended up seeing a lot of people give her donations to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. It turns out, people were happy to give her money for her cause.

Although, who could say no to Addie? Her story is so incredible, it totally makes sense that she would have a lot of donations coming in for the hospital that helped her.

Piles Of Money


Addie worked for a couple of months raising money for the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital.

She ended up with a pretty big pile of money, much more than her life savings or the money from the lemonade stand.

But Addie wanted to raise a lot of money and felt like she needed to make a big push. She knew that she had to expand beyond the street corner she stood on in order to raise a lot of money.

Charity Even


Addie was going to hold a charity event to raise money for the Texas Scottish Rite hospital.

Her parents contacted a local restaurant called the Cotton Patch Cafe, and they organized a charity event there so they could raise money.

Addie set up a wheel with prizes and pulled a Pat Sajak so that she could get people to the event. We’re super impressed at how enterprising this young girl is, and it’s all for a good cause, too.

A Big Check


By the time it was Addie’s eighth birthday, she had long surpassed her original goal.

Addie had raised $19,500 for the hospital, and impressive amount of money. Even Addie’s parents were impressed that she was able to raise so much money.

Charitable institutions, like the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, rely on donations to help keep them going. So the fact that Addie was able to raise so much money and help them out really means a lot.

Getting Attention


The fact that Addie was able to raise so much money for the hospital ended up getting a lot of attention.

Addie went on her local news to talk about what she did, and she was even featured in People Magazine. 

Not every eight-year-old gets interviewed on TV for their birthday, but then again, not every eight-year-old raises a crazy amount of money to help out the hospital that helped them out. It’s a great way to repay them.

Anonymous Donation


Addie was about to receive an even better birthday present than a new bicycle or doll.

Stephanie Brigger, the hospital’s Vice President of Development, had some good news for Addie and her family. It turns out, an anonymous donor was so impressed by Addie and her story, that they decided to make a donation to the hospital as well.

Addie was able to make sure that the hospital got even more money than what she had originally planned.

An Even Bigger Check


The anonymous donor ended up giving the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital a whopping $50,000 in Addie’s name.

This meant that the total donation Addie made to the hospital was almost $70,000 – a lot more than the meager life savings she had originally intended to give.

Addie was very happy about this. It was the best birthday present she could get, because she was able to share it with everyone. Now, even more children will be helped by the hospital.

The Best Present


By raising so much money and awareness for the hospital, Addie was able to give back to the hospital and help it just as much as it helped her.

We’re very impressed and inspired by this young girl’s determination to pay it forward.

Giving back to those who helped you is one of the best things you can do, and many, many other children will be able to get a shot at life, just like Addie was given.