The Story Of A Dog Waiting For Its Owner Who Passed Will Completely Wreck You

By lheidi - August 01, 2019

It’s so heartwarming when dogs love their owners. Seriously, when it’s cold out, we don’t need to sit by a heater to feel all warm inside. All we need to do is hear about how faithful a dog is to his owner, or how a dog traveled 100 miles in order to find the boy who owned him 10 years ago. That’s going to fill every inch of our body with a tingly feeling of quiet joy. Nobody is going to love you as much as your dog loves you. Because your dog is going to love you no matter what happens. And if someone tells you that they might come close to loving you as much as your dog loves you, they’re probably full of it, because nothing can compare to a dog’s love.

But this one dog’s love is absolutely heartwarming and heartbreaking. His dedication might bring a tear to your eye.

A Dog's Life


One dog just went viral for the most endearing reason. You’re going to need to grab a box of tissues in order to get through this story.

When one dog owner passed away, his dog stood lovingly by his master’s sick bed, waiting for his master to return.

The dog was named Moose, a black lab, and remained faithfully by the empty bed, not knowing the reality of the situation or what had happened to his owner.

For The Dogs


This photo was shared by North Star Pet Rescue in New Jersey, and it’s pretty heartbreaking to know how sad this dog is going to be once he realized what happened.

The North Star Pet Rescue captioned the photo. “Moose sat patiently next to his dad’s hospital bed, waiting for him to return, not knowing that ‘Dad’ had passed away,” wrote the rescue center.

This story is the beginning of an inspirational dog movie waiting to happen.

Puppy Love


After his owner died, Moose was taken in to a rescue center, his new home.

“Moose has now been returned to our friends at Eleventh Hour Rescue and he’s taking the loss of his dad pretty hard. Please help Moose find a new home and a family for him to love. He’s a sweet happy boy by nature. He just needs people to help his heart heal,” wrote the rescue center.

We’re so sad to know that he’s so sad.

Rescue Me


The North Star Pet Center ultimately posted the photo because they wanted Moose to find a new owner.

“Moose is currently being loved and cared for at the EHR Kennel in Randolph, NJ. He is a three-year-old Lab mix who is housebroken, adores kids, okay with dogs (pretty much neutral to them), but not meant for a home with cats or birds,” wrote the rescue center.

We know that Moose is capable of a lot of love.

People Pleaser


Not surprisingly, Moose is really good with people. We’ve seen that he’s capable of giving his whole heart to one person.

“But people, boy, does he love them! So much so that Moose would do best in a home where he hasn’t left home alone all day long, he misses his people too much,” wrote the North Star Pet Rescue.

Some people are dog people, and as it turns out some dogs are people dogs to boot.

Sharing Is Caring


The North Star Pet Rescue closed out their post with a plea to find Moose a new home.

“If you can help Moose’s heart heal by offering him a temporary foster home or a permanent home, please go to and put in an application to meet this sweet, loving boy,” wrote the rescue center

“Let’s mend this broken heart, together.#ItTakesAVillage #BeHisVillage #SharingIsCaring.” 

Happy Ending


It turned out that the North Star Pet Rescue’s post worked, and Moose was able to find a new home.

A family decided to adopt Moose just two days after the rescue center made their emotional post.

We hope that Moose is happy in his new home and has a family that is worthy of all the love he is capable of giving. But there are so many other dogs who loved their owners with all their hearts.

Greyfriars Bobby


Maybe one of the most famous dogs who stayed loyal to his owner after he passed away was Greyfriars Bobby.

This Skye Terrier lived in the 1800s and sat by his owners gravestone for a very impressive 14 years.

Of course, they didn’t have social media back then, and nobody could post a photo of the dog on Instagram and ask for someone to adopt him, the way they did with Moose. Things might have been different.

Legend Has It


Bobby belonged to a man named John Gray, a nightwatchman who worked for the Edinburg City Police in Scotland.

Gray was buried in the Greyfriars Kirkland after he died on January 14, 1872. From that moment on, Greyfriars Bobby, as he became known as, showed his loyalty to his deceased owner.

Greyfriars Bobby sat by his owners grave for 14 straight years until he ultimately passed away himself in 1872. Greyfriars Bobby was buried close to his owner’s grave.

Loyalty Rewards


Greyfriars Bobby was ultimately honored for showing such loyalty to his master. Such devotion does not go by unnoticed.

When Greyfriars Bobby was still alive, Sir William Chambers, a director for the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, made a license for Greyfriars Bobby and also gave the dog a collar.

Both the license and the collar are now in the Museum of Edinburgh so that everyone can be reminded of how much the dog loved his owner.

Set In Stone


One year after Greyfriars Bobby, Lady Burdett-Coutts, an English philanthropist, decided to honor Greyfriars Bobby as well.

The philanthropist had a drinking fountain topped with Bobby’s statue created by the sculptor William Brodie. The statue was placed a the junction of George IV Bridge and Candlemaker Row.

Greyfriars Bobby’s amazing story was also featured in books and movies, including the novel Greyfriars Bobby by Eleanor Atkinson and the movies Greyfriars Bobby and The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby.



Another dog named Fido became famous for showing his loyalty to his owner. The name Fido means “I trust” in Latin, and this dog earned his name.

Fido’s owner, Carlo Soriani found Fido on the street in his town of Borgo San Lorenzo in Italy.

Fido followed Carlo everywhere he went. Fido would follow Carlo to the bus stop, wait at the bus stop all day while Carlo was at work, then greet Carlo with a big bark at the end of the day.

Making History


But Carlo was ultimately killed during WWII when the Allied forces bombed the factory where Carlo worked on December 30th, 1943.

While that happened, Fido was sitting at the bust stop waiting for Carlo to return from work.

Little did he know that Carlo would never return from work. After waiting for a while, Carlo decided to return home to see if his owner was already there. Fido did not find his owner at home waiting for him.

Never Give Up


Fido continued to wait for his owner to return from work, even though his owner had passed away.

The next day, Fido returned to the bus stop to wait for Carlo to return from the factory where he worked.

Fido kept going to the bus stop day after day to wait for his owner to return. All in all, Fido spent 14 years waiting for his master at that bus stop. But Carlos never returned to Fido again.

Honorable Mention


Fido’s fidelity became famous, and eventually someone erected a statue dedicated to Fido’s devotion in 1957.

The statue was destroyed by vandals, so the city commissioned a bronze statue, which still stands in Salvatore Cipolla today.

There is no love greater than a dog’s love. So if you’re thinking of finding someone who loves you unconditionally, you should probably get a dog. That dog will continue to love you forever and ever no matter what happens to you.