This Tattoo Sleeve Lets Your Cat Get Inked Without Actually Harming Them

By lheidi - July 08, 2019

Cats are so cute. And they can be made even cuter if you dress them up in human outfits. Who doesn’t love a cat wearing a top hat and a bowtie, especially if that cat is already black and white colored? Sure, the cat probably will hate it more than anything, but those two seconds you’re able to make him sit still to take a photo will make all of his pain and misery and scratching worth it. He’ll probably end up getting his revenge in your shoes later on, but you’ll have that photo forever, and you’ll be able to look at it while you’re throwing out your shoes that just got sprayed.

But now there’s a way to make your cats even cuter. Yes, that is completely possible to do. You can get your cat all tatted up, and no it won’t hurt the cat, even though he probably won’t like it.

Cat's Out Of The Bag


You know those shirts that people can wear that makes them look like they’re sporting a tattoo sleeve even though they haven’t gotten inked at all?

What if they had those shirts, but for cats? Airie McCready got the idea for just that when she saw one of her friends wearing a fake tattoo shirt.

You wouldn’t think that this is something that people would want, but it turns out, even your pet looks badass when it’s inked up.

Stitch And Bitch


McCready looked at the shirt and had an idea. “I grabbed it from him and thought ‘if only I knew how to sew,” said McCready.

McCready ended up figuring it out how to make it work. “It took a long time, but I figured out how to do it, it’s really delicate fabric.”

She now is able to manufacture tattoo sleeve shirts for cats, so your cat can look like they belong in a biker gang, too.

Business Savvy


McCready now has a business called Slinx Concepts that specializes in making these colorful sleeve shirts for cats.

It’s actually more of a body suit for cats, because it’s designed to fit over the whole cat’s body.

While they look great on Sphinx cats because those cats are naturally naked, they can actually be worn on any breed of cat. They can also fit dogs, because why should cats have all the fun? Dogs like tattoos, too.

Cat Club For Cats


McCready isn’t just the creator of this unusual product. She’s also a customer as well.

McCready says her cats also rock this look on the regs. I have many sleeves for my own six cats, three Sphynxes and three Devon Rexes,” she said.

Honestly, if you’re going to end up as a cat lady, this is the way to go. Nobody’s going to mess with you or any of your cats because your cats will all look so edgy.

One Of A Kind


The fake tattoos are perfectly safe for cats, and let’s face it, a lot more humane than actually inking them up with a needle.

All of the sleeves are made from non-toxic ink that is cat-friendly. The material that the shirts are made out of is also safe for your feline friend.

You can order the sleeve to make it look like your cat legitimately got drunk and thought it would be a good idea to hit up a tattoo parlor.

It's A Winner


A lot of people like McCready’s idea, even in places where it seems like tattoos would be frowned upon.

“Two years ago at the Westminster Kennel Club, they had a ‘meet the cats’ event and even had the cats do an agility course. Misha, a Sphynx, wearing one of my Tattcat shirts won!” said McCready.

So if you want your cat to be better than other cats, you gotta get your cat one of these boss sleeves.

Artsy Fartsy


There are many different designs that you can choose from, depending on what type of body art you think your cat would be into.

Some of the styles have been influenced by Chinese and Japanese art.

But don’t worry, it’s not as tacky as getting the Japanese character for “inspiration” tattooed on your lower back. So you can breathe easy knowing that your cat isn’t guilty of cultural appropriation. Plus, they come off if your cat suddenly hates it.

Trendy Tattoos


We all know that cats secretly want to get tatted up. It’s what they think about when they’re staring off into space.

Now, you can finally give your cat what they’ve wanted all along. A full body of tattoos.

We’re pretty sure that even if you think your cat is completely cute while wearing this outfit, they’ll probably just take it off in a minute. Cats pretty much hate everything that makes them look really, really cute.

Flower Fountain


But a full body suit that makes your cat look like they’ve gotten inked up isn’t the only cool product that you can get for your cat.

You can get your cat a flower fountain like this from Amazon.

Cats are notoriously picky. They’ll probably love drinking water from something that looks like a flower pot more than drinking from their regular water dish. Of course, they’ll probably love drinking dirty water from the toilet most of all.

Cat Couch


Your cat probably ends up taking the whole couch to himself. It’s too big for him, but that won’t stop him from claiming it as his own.

And if you try to go anywhere near it, he’ll hiss at you.

That’s why you should get your cat their own personal cat-sized couch. Of course, if you spend money on this, they’ll probably just stay on the real couch and this cat couch will become your couch instead.

Bunk Beds For Cats


Even if you’re not sending your cats away to sleep away camp, they can still sleep on bunk beds.

This is a great purchase for anyone who has like 40 cats and no space to keep them all.

We would hate to see the cat fight that your multiple cats get into when they’re fighting over who gets top bunk. We know this is made for multiple cats, but it’s probably a better purchase if you only have one cat.

Nightstand With Cat House


There’s a good chance that your cat is already making your nightstand into its home.

This nightstand has a secret cat home in it. Because you need another place where you can lose your cat. You’re going to get this, then spend hours wondering where your cat is when they’re just hiding in here.

This piece of furniture also blends into the decor of your house, just in case you don’t want your home to look like the cats own it.

Cat Computer


Your cat loves walking all over the keyboard of your computer when you’re in the middle of work.

So why not give your cat his own computer for him to work at? This computer is also a scratching post, so he can stop scratching your expensive laptop.

We love how it looks like this cat is hard at work, when we’re pretty sure he’s just looking at dirty cat websites on the internet instead of doing spreadsheets.

The Ripple Rug


What in the world is this rug supposed to be? Only your cat truly knows for sure.

It’s a fun place for your cat to play, and yet another thing to get covered in cat hair almost immediately.

It kind of looks like the place where the sand worms live in Beetlejuice. We’re pretty sure that this carpet doesn’t have any sand worms in it, but that won’t stop your cat from acting like there are and trying to catch them.

Kitty Lounger


Your cat lives a better life than you do. And this kitty lounger totally proves it.

Your cat is so cute. You can’t help but buy it a ton of stuff. If you thought that you were as cute as you think your cat is, you’d probably spoil yourself just as much.

Your cat has a hard life. It just lounges around all day. Now it can lounge around in comfort and style thanks to this little kitty chair.