This Transgender Man’s Before And After Pictures Left The Internet Speechless

By lheidi - June 13, 2019

Before and after photos can be a great way to track the various changes your body goes through. Sometimes a before photo and an after photo make someone look like they’re an entirely different person. It’s almost as if instead of going through a weight loss journey, they went through a whole lot more. Sometimes, when we see the before and after photos for Cross Fit or Slim Fast, we have to think that they used two different models, because there’s no way it could be the same person. The results are too good. But it’s actually the same person, and we can’t trust our eyeballs. Maybe we should take them out, give them a good cleaning, and then put them back in before we take a look at any before and after photos.

But this person’s before and after photos blow any Cross Fit or Slim Fast before and after photos out of the water.

Meet Jamie


This is a photo of Jamie Wilson. On the surface, Jamie looks like anyone you would find on the street.

You wouldn’t expect that there’s anything out of the ordinary going on with Jamie, or that Jamie had to go through an intense journey to become Jamie at all.

But that couldn’t be further from the case. Jamie has gone through quite a bit to become Jamie, and his journey has some pretty interesting details behind it.



Just a four years ago, and the age of 18, Jamie began his transformation into becoming the Jamie that you see today.

Even though Jamie was born a woman, he always felt that he was a man.

However, Jamie had a very strict upbringing and he knew that his upbringing prevented him from being who he truly felt he was inside. Jamie’s family is very religious and strict, so there was no way that the Jamie inside was coming out.

Growing Up Jamie


Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jamie was the only daughter, and had three brothers.

“I knew from an early age that I felt ‘different’ but growing up in a religious household I was sheltered — I didn’t really know anything about being transgender,” Jaimie told Cosmopolitan.

“I just remember being as young as five and thinking I was going to grow up to be a guy.” But the house that Jamie was raised in made it difficult.

Teenage Years


The teenage years are all about finding who you are, and by the time he was 15, Jamie knew that he was a guy.

Jamie came out as a lesbian to his mother, who didn’t have a problem with having a lesbian daughter.

However, Jamie’s mom did have a problem with Jamie – and it was the way that Jamie was dressing. Jamie had to hide men’s clothing from his parents in his drawers underneath his women’s clothing.

Parental Problem


Jamie said that his parents had a problem with him trying to make himself look more masculine, especially because he was a pretty girl for a long time, and he tried to fit in with that.

“My mom actually said to me ‘I don’t care if you like girls but why do you have to dress like a man?'” Jaimie said.

“It really wasn’t about my sexual orientation … rather the way I wanted to present myself.”

Country Girl


In fact, the fact that Jamie had been a pretty girl was kind of shocking to everyone when Jamie started to transition.

Jamie had been very feminine, so it was hard for a lot of people to take.

“Everyone in my town knew me as this beautiful country girl. When I started transitioning, people couldn’t believe it … they thought I was having a mental breakdown or something. People thought I was a freak,” Jaimie said.

Short Hair


In 2015, Jamie cut his hair short like a guy, which ended up being a bigger deal than it sounds.

Jamie was given a hard time by his brothers and his parents because he cut of his hair.

He said that his parents and brothers  “made life so unbearable” and that he didn’t feel welcome at home anymore. Jamie eventually had to move out of the house because it was so hard for him to be there.

Out Of His Home


Jamie ended up getting kicked out of his house, so he went to go live with an LGBT friend.

“I was not welcome back home … I was banned from going there because of what people might think,” Jaimie said. “They have tried to come around [since] but at this time I don’t have a relationship with my family.”

It must be hard to lose your family, because they’re such a big part of your life.

Not An Easy Decision


The decision to transition wasn’t an easy decision for Jamie to make, and he thought he would have to hide who he feels he is his entire life.

“Honestly, it was extremely scary because I didn’t think I’d ever be able to transition,” Jaimie told UNILAD.

“I thought it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. I didn’t tell anyone how I was feeling because I was afraid of losing everyone.”

The Transition Begins


But Jamie decided to transition after all. He began the transition process when he was 18-years-old.

When Jamie started to transition, he said that he enjoyed his own company more than before he started to transition.

The process was more than just physical for Jamie. Jame found he was “more excited to be alone that around anyone … When I was alone I was able to dress and look how I wanted to … I was me.”

Hormone Treatment


Jamie ended up beginning hormone treatment. When Jamie began this part of the transition process, he said he knew he was making the right decision for himself.

“It was like living nineteen years of your life as someone else, and then getting this magical juice that makes you look, sound, and feel like who you always have envisioned in your head,” Jaime said.

Jamie was more comfortable with himself and wanted to share his transition with everyone else.

Putting It On Instagram


Jamie decided to put his journey on Instagram so that other people could see what he was going through and what he was feeling about the process.

On Instagram, Jamie shared his before and after photos, so that people could see what the process was like.

He also documented what it was like taking hormones and going through top surgery. One of his idols, Ruby Rose, even commented and liked a bunch of his pictures on Instagram.



But Jamie’s journey hasn’t all been smooth. Not only has he gotten backlash from his family, he also has gotten backlash from other trans people.

Jamie can pass for someone who is biologically male, which has caused an issue with some other trans people.

“People say that I’m trying too hard to be like a cisgendered male,” Jaimie said. Jamie has had problems with his family and friends, as well as the new community that he went into.

The Hardest Part


Jamie said the most difficult part of the process wasn’t the transition, but rather, it was losing his family and friends.

“The hardest part of my transition has been losing my family. Growing up I was told that family will always accept and love one another for who they are.”

“I had to face the facts that the things I was told growing up, and the love I was shown was false,” he said of his process transitioning.

Worth It


Even though there are setbacks, Jamie said that transitioning was worth it for him. He doesn’t want to hide who he is in order for his family to love him.

“Even if you were raised the same as I was, don’t think that you need to spend your entire life trying to please your family,” he said.

“Be you, and a true family will love and accept you for who you are. In the end I didn’t lose family. I lost people that share the same blood as me.”