This Woman’s Glamorous Maternity Photo Shoot Took An Amazing Turn

By lheidi - April 17, 2019

Some people go all out with their maternity photo shoots. They’ll try to get the most elaborate photo possible to announce their bundle of joy. They’ll stand in the middle of an active hurricane to get the wind blowing around their pristine white dress while the dad is just off to the side looking confused. Or they’ll climb to the top of Mount Everest and sit in a live eagle’s nest just so everyone on Instagram and Facebook will know they’re expecting a bundle of joy.

It’s almost like there’s an unspoken competition between moms. Forget trying to get your kid into a really great private school. You gotta make sure your kid has to win at everything before they’re even born by making sure your maternity photo shoot blows everyone else out of the water. But this maternity photo shoot might be the best one of all time, and it’s not because the mom to be crawled inside an eagle’s nest…

Meet Rich And Jazzy


You Tube vloggers Rich and Jazzy share their experiences raising their daughter Reign with their nearly 30,000 subscribers.

Recently, they decided to share one of the most touching moments in their lives with the rest of the world.

The couple had been together for eight years. When Rich decided to propose to Jazzy, they let their fans in on the very special marriage proposal. Get ready to hear a romantic story that will rival any fairy tale.

Popping The Question


Rich and Jazzy planned a maternity photo shoot when Jazzy was nine months pregnant with their child.

But little did Jazzy know, Rich decided to turn the photo shoot into a surprise marriage proposal. How romantic!

“So, Jasmine’s in there [getting her makeup done…] She thinks that we’re going for a maternity shoot. But, in fact, this is much bigger than that. This is actually an engagement shoot,” said Rich in the video they posted about the proposal.

And how he surprised her? EPIC….

Big Plans


Rich knew that he had to plan an epic proposal for Jazzy. And that, he did.

“I’ve had her ring, and I’ve been trying to think of how I can give it to her, because she claims, for years now, she’s going to see it coming a mile away,” said Rich.

“She’s going to know when I’m about to propose, and it won’t be a surprise… But I’m thinking she’s going to be pretty surprised.” Cute!

Photo Finish


With their daughter in tow, Rich and Jazzy staged a maternity photo shoot against the backdrop of a real waterfall.

The photographer was in on the proposal. After a few photos, they asked Jazzy to turn around.

When she did, she found Rich down on one knee holding a diamond ring, where he proceeded to pop the question to the love of his life. We’re getting all choked up just thinking about how romantic it must have been!

Surprise, Surprise


Rich’s plan went off without a hitch. Jazzy was, indeed, surprised by Rich’s proposal, just like he wanted.

Jazzy was caught of guard, and it took her a full 30 seconds before she was finally ended up accepting his proposal.

Talk about taking your breath away! You can’t blame her for being speechless. Everyone is at a loss for words when they get a normal surprise. You’re doubly at a loss for words when you get proposed to.

Congrats Are In Order


Their fans were really thrilled that the couple is finally getting hitched, and sent the couple well wishes in the video comments on their channel.

“This is so beautiful. Jaz you looking stunning girl. Again congratulations on the proposal wish yall many blessings on blessings ????????,” wrote one fan.

“Congratulations Jazz and Rich of your engagement and baby number 2! #weddingbliss #stayinloveforever Once again congrats and God bless you and your family and be with you,” wrote another.


Happily Ever After


A little after one week after the couple got engaged, they gave birth to their second child.

Their daughter, Royce, was born on July 15th, 2017. What an adorable engagement gift to receive! It sure beats a card.

When the couple finally tied the knot on Boxing Day, their daughter Royce was was at their wedding. Rich and Jazzy went to the Bahamas on their honeymoon. What a very happy ending to a very happy story! We love it!

But these two love birds aren’t the only ones who had an adorable wedding proposal. Read on…

All The World's A Stage


When Eric took Timolin to an improv show, they were brought up on stage to say three things they loved about each other.

“When it was Eric’s turn, he started listing all these wonderful things about me: how beautiful I am inside and out and how lucky he is to have me in his life,” said Timolin.

Eric then got down on one knee and proposed. To this day, I like to watch the video that one of the cast members took and laugh at how stupefied I was,” said Timolin.

On The John


You wouldn’t think the bathroom would be where you would propose to someone, but that’s exactly where Brad asked Rachel to marry him.

Brad said he wasn’t feeling well and asked Rachel to bring him a plunger.

“He pulled me in, started reading a poem written inside of a photo book he made and proposed,” said Rachel. “After staring into the sparkle of the ring, he told me there was another surprise and opened the door to reveal our families who had flown in to celebrate!”

A Walk In The Park


After Jeremy got a new job in Arkansas, he took Brittani on a walk in Creve Coeur Park, something they had done before. But this time, the walk was different.

“About 20 minutes into our walk, I said I wanted to stop and get closer to the water,” said Jeremy.

“We did, and I told her that I got the job and that I had something I wanted to ask her.” Both of their families came out to surprise her, and Jeremy proposed.

Top Of The Rock


Kourtney and Conner went on a freezing four-hour hike to Trolltunga in Norway, then waited for their photo at the tip of the rock.

Conner went down on one knee and tugged on Kourtney’s hand so he would notice her.

“We were standing in one of the most beautiful places in the world and the man of my dreams asked me to marry him,” Kourtney said. “Life couldn’t get any better.” You’re pretty much in heaven at that point!

The Big Jump


Sunay suddenly pulled into a skydiving site when he went on a camping trip with Sweeti.

“I was confused because he said we were taking a detour before setting up camp,” said Sweeti of the day.

When the two jumped with their tandem instructor, Sweeti looked down and saw a banner on the ground that read, “Sweeti, will you marry me?” “My first thought was, ‘Is that really for me?'” said Sweeti. Yes, it really was for her!

As Seen On TV


Kristin had complaining about missing the new episode of New Girl, so Justin made her think they were finally going to watch it.

But instead, they ended up watching a video Justin made and had snuck in.

It started out as New Girl, but turned into clips from romantic movies, and then finally Justin asking Kristin to marry him while down on one knee. Kristin said yes, but she still wanted to know if there was a new episode of New Girl. 

Photo Finish


When Scott and Taylor went on a ski trip to Keystone, Colorado with his family, he took the opportunity to propose.

Scott and Taylor took a gondola ride to dinner, and his family started taking photos of the couple.

“When it was our turn, I walked out to the spot where we were taking pictures and turned around to find him down on one knee,” Taylor said. “Not expecting it at all, I screamed, ‘Are you kidding me?’ “

Take A Walk


Jason disappointed Julie when he told her he wasn’t able to visit her family on Thanksgiving.

They went for a walk where John told Julie he actually could go… so he could tell her family that they were getting married in person.

“I was so surprised that I fell on the ground and rolled around a bit,” said Julie. “And Jason was so nervous, he accidentally jammed the engagement ring on the wrong finger!” Go, Jason!

World Travlers


Mason and Emily had been together for ten years before Mason finally popped the question.

On a spontaneous trip to Venice, Italy, Mason planned a gondola ride for the two of them. He asked Emily to marry him on San Giorgio Maggiore island.

“I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with the boy I’ve loved since I was 13 years old,” Emily said. There’s no better place to ask someone to marry you than in Italy!