When Things In Nature Look Totally Human, It’s Freaky AF

By lheidi - May 07, 2019

Not all trees look like trees. In fact, some trees (and other objects of nature) actually look more human than they look like trees. It freaks us out every time. We think that the tree is going to come to life and throw apples at us like the trees in the Wizard of Oz. They never do, but it’s always smart to watch your back just in case. Because the one time you don’t watch you back is the one time they do throw apples at you. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to trees that suddenly turn alive!

We also sometimes get worried that a forest spirit got caught in the tree and that’s the reason why the tree looks human. And now it’s our job to try to get the forest spirit freed from the tree. And we just don’t have that kind of magic. It’s totally not our fault, Tree Spirits!

Deep Thought


This tree looks more like a pensive giant. He’s deep in thought about a lot of serious things.

If you look close, you can see it. His roots are his beard, and the branches are his hair.

And the knots in the top of the tree makes it look like he has a face. And that face has a lot on its mind right now, so we should probably just leave it to its thoughts, thank you very much.

Demon Tree


This tree looks like it’s a demon tree that’s climbing another non-demonic tree, and there’s nothing anyone can do or say that will convince us otherwise.

Look at it! It has horns and everything! Why would one tree need to climb another tree like that if it wasn’t a demon of some sort?

It it was a normal tree, it would just grow straight like a normal tree, that’s what trees do! He’s absolutely, completely, totally evil.

Lounge Lizard


This turnip is just casually lounging. We just happened to catch it in this very casual pose.

He has nothing better to do all day than just chill. He’s a turnip. He doesn’t have a job to go to. He doesn’t have bills to pay. He doesn’t have a mortgage to worry about.

He doesn’t have a care in the world! He’s a turnip! Life is easy when you’re a root vegetable! We kind of wish we were him.

The Eyes Have It


What’s up with these trees looking like demons? Was there a chemical accident in the forest or something?

Did toxic chemicals seep into the roots of the trees, causing the trees to come alive with an evil force because of all the pollution?

That’s why we should take care of the Earth. Because toxic waste and pollution is going to turn all of our trees and bushes into evil forces that will come after us, seeking revenge.

Hump Day


Wow. This tree is really having its way with the other tree, almost like it’s a dog at it on a human’s leg.

Eventually, he’ll tire himself out and he’ll stop. We’re assuming. It’s a tree, so you never know.

They could be stuck like this, like love bugs. Even if they’re not, we don’t want to try to get this tree off the other tree. He might get mad at us and try to bite us.


Green Giant


This tree is probably where they got the inspiration from for the Jolly Green Giant.

It’s green and it’s a giant. And it’s probably jolly. Who are we kidding. It looks like it’s chasing after someone.

It’s not a jolly green giant. It’s an angry green giant. An angry green giant who’s running through the forest because somebody made a joke about green beans. So, the lesson here is, don’t make a joke about green beans to this tree.

Soup Swimmer


This carrot is just hanging out in a bowl of soup. It looks like he’s taking a bath in it.

Little does he know that he’s actually sitting inside a dish that someone intends to eat!

He thinks he’s just getting clean and enjoying the warm soup broth, but he’s actually someone’s meal! Run, carrot, run! Get out of there! You’re going to be dinner and minute now! No, stop playing in the soup! It’s not a bath!

Smell You Later


For some reason, this tree decided to grow a human nose right in the middle of its side.

We don’t know the reason, but we’re pretty sure that a botanist can explain the evolutionary reason why a tree would need a human nose on the side of it.

Maybe it needs the nose so it can smell the flowers that it grows? If we were a tree, we’d grow a nose so we could smell our own flowers, too.

Bottoms Up


Not only does this tree look like it has a butt, it looks like its mooning us.

What a cheeky tree! What did we ever do to make it want to moon us like this? Why would he drop trou and show us his cheeks like this?

This tree is evidence that Mother Nature has a sense of humor, and her sense of humor is the same sense of humor as a middle school boy. She’s so weird!



How cute is this eggplant! Look at his little face! We want to give this guy a name.

We want to name him something that fits his smiling, wonky face. Maybe something like, Skippy? That’s a great name for him.

We love Skippy! He’s got a crooked smile, but that just makes him more charming. Skippy is going to be our new best friend. And we promise to visit him every day! There’s no other eggplant quite like Skippy!

Face Time


It looks like this tree has a face, and it’s peeking over the fence so it can see us better.

It also kind of looks like its chewing on the fence, too. Man, it really loves that thing!

What are the odds that a tree would develop a “face” right at the level of the fence. Those odds are too high, so we think that this is an actual face, and not a bunch of tree knots.

Sad Man


What’s wrong with this tree? He looks so sad. Who upset him today? He’s about to cry!

Is he sad because he’s a city tree and dogs keep on peeing on the side of him? We’d be sad if dogs peed on us all day, too.

We wish we could uproot him and give him a better life in the wild,  where there are no dogs to ever, ever bother him ever again. He needs a better life!

Shy Boy


Aww! This carrot is so modest! He’s not wearing even a stitch of clothing on his carrot body.

And he’s aware that he’s as naked as the day he was pulled from the ground. And he feels shame.

Not only does this carrot look human, he feels the same shame and embarrassment we do when our human bodies are naked. Who knew that carrots could feel such complex human emotions and feelings like this? Get him some clothes!

Eye See You


There’s no way that we’re seeing things. We’re seeing a tree that’s looking at us, right?

Is it spying on us? We feel like this thing is going to watch our every move, and from every direction, too.

Sure, this tree is trying pass it off as eye-shaped knots, but we know the real truth! That this tree sees all, knows all. We just never want to see it blink, though. Because that would be really creepy!

Picasso Plant


It doesn’t just look like this tree has a face. It looks like this tree has a face that was painted by Picasso.

It’s all over the place. The eyes are in the forehead, and the mouth is in the eyes. And the nose is around the back of the head.

Maybe Picasso spent his early days carving his initials and practice faces on the side of trees? Every artist needs to get their start somehow!

Power Walk


This vegetable might live in the garden, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also go for a walk in the woods.

It’s just going for a casual stroll, as if it’s one of those elderly people who get their exercise by walking in the mall before it opens.

It has to get its steps in, you know! We bet this health conscious tree even has a fit bit so it can monitor how much he’s doing every day.

Man Without A Face


This tree clearly has a face right in the middle of it, but the face doesn’t have a face??

It’s almost like this tree could be the mask of the killer in some kind of freaky horror movie.

We’re not going to be able to sleep now, because we’re just going to see this tree staring at us with his face that doesn’t have eyes. It couldn’t be more scary if it tried to be more scary.

Baby Face


Oh hey! We almost didn’t see you there, tiny face that’s nestled on a tree branch.

It’s so cute we want to scoop it up and take it home with us, but we know we can’t do that because it’s a tree and it’s attached to the ground.

That’s the sad thing about trees. No matter how much you want to, you can never take them home with you. They’re too big and too stuck to the dirt.

Old Man In The Tree


This tree looks exactly like an old man. We can’t see anything else, not even a tree.

He’s got a wrinkly old face, and squinty old gaze. He might offer us hard candies any second now.

We knew that trees are old, but we didn’t know that they’re that old! He must have seen a lot of things and has a lot of stories to tell. And he’ll probably ask us to keep the music down! It’s too loud!

Land Lady


We’re not sure if a woman climbed a tree, or if a tree climbed a woman?

This has to be some kind of forest goddess, and she couldn’t decide if she should take the form of a human woman or of a tree.

So she compromised and then did a little bit of both. Because why not? When you’re a forest goddess, you can take on any form you want. Why limit yourself to just one form?