Yes, There Is An Actual Shower Sheild That Protects Your Makeup When You Shower

By lheidi - July 17, 2019

Beauty products are getting more and more intense, but they’re also getting more and more specific. Pretty soon, there’s going to be a beauty product for literally anything you can imagine. There’s probably going to be a beauty product for grooming just the top right corner of your eyelashes. And you better believe there’s also going to be a beauty product for grooming just the bottom left corner of your eyelashes. There’s going to be a beauty product that buffs just the skin right underneath your armpit – no, not the actual armpit, but the part of your arm where your arm meets your armpit. You have to look beautiful, don’t you?

But not all super-specific beauty products are weird. Some of them actually make sense. We can totally see why people would make them, because we’re not even sure how we lived without them. Like this totally dope shower shield…

Wet And Wild


Don’t you hate it when you apply your makeup and then hop in the shower to get clean? Your risk running your makeup all over your face.

Well, you’re not the only one who a) puts on a full face of makeup before they bathe and b) can’t stand it.

There’s a new product that keeps your face dry and your makeup fresh while you’re showering. It’s called SHOWRSHIELD and it’s – you guessed it – a shield for when you shower.

Life In Plastic


The SHOWRSHIELD is pretty simple. It’s a piece of plastic that attaches to your forehead.

But the SHOWRSHIELD is so much more than a piece of plastic. It’s also a piece of mind. It protects your makeup, but also keeps your skin dry after you’ve had facial surgery, eyelash extensions, or microbladed eyebrows.

For those who aren’t in the know, you’re supposed to keep your face dry after you’ve had any of those things, so SHOWRSHIELD is pretty much a lifesaver.

Humble Beginnings


Sheridan Elle had a practical reason for starting her company. She would always get wet.

“I started this company after standing in the shower countless times using my hands as a makeshift shield in an attempt to protect my previously applied makeup (that took me a considerable amount of time and not to mention money to apply) from getting ruined,” said Elle.

“It quickly became part of my beauty regime and saves me countless times when i’m in a rush or just want a shortcut in getting ready.”

Use Me


Elle might have thought of SHOWRSHIELD because she wanted to keep her makeup dry, but there are other uses for it.

“It works great for the aftercare and maintenance of recent facial surgery, microblading, and eyelash extensions. Taking care of your procedures post-operation is not only critical but also something that should be done with ease and worry free when healing,” says Elle.

But there are some other beauty products that are much more strange than the SHOWRSHIELD…

Collagen Gel Lip Mask


This beauty product is exactly what it looks like. It’s a mask for your lips that looks like your lips.

You’re going to get better looking lips, but there’s one major flaw that this beauty product has.

It looks so much like your lips that you might forget you have it on. You’ll be walking around all day rocking this lip mask. You might end up looking in the mirror and wondering why your lips are half your face.

Temperature Changing Lipstick


Remember mood rings? They didn’t change according to your mood, but they changed according to your temperature.

This lipstick takes that concept to the next level and changes according to whatever temperature it is outside (or inside for that matter).

It’s great if you can’t decide what color lipstick you want to wear. You can just let the weather decide for you. Hopefully, Mother Nature knows what color looks best on you and doesn’t make you look tacky.

Eye Slack Haruka


You might not think that vibrating your eye bags would make the look younger. And in that case, you probably wouldn’t get the Eye Slack Haruka.

This beauty device makes your eyes look younger by applying vibrations to the area, and it’s totally battery powered.

You know that it’s probably a good beauty device because it also looks like a torture device. Only the best beauty products look like they’re used for extracting information from the enemy.

Fresh Breasts Cooling Lotion


There’s a beauty product for every part of your body. And we do mean every part of your body.

This lotion is just for your boobs. Specifically, it’s just for your boob sweat. Hey, having boobs gets really not fun during this summer. It’s about time someone came up with a lotion to help you out.

If your hands get a little clammy, then you’re SOL, because this lotion is for your boob sweat, and only your boob sweat.

Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder


Painting your nails is a pain in the butt because you have to hold the nail polish bottle while you work.

But this nail polish comes in a nail polish holder than you can put on your fingers while you paint your digits.

Of course, we just picture accidentally spilling this bottle because we wanted to check our watch. There is no perfect system, but this nail polish with built in nail polish holder might come close.

Pube Dye


Does the carpet match the drapes? If you put pube dye on it, then it will. Of course, you’d have to put pube dye on your head, too?

We’ve seen a lot of weird beauty products, but this one has to take the cake.

We didn’t know that your pubes needed highlights until just now. Hopefully, you don’t end up looking like you caught some weird STD that affects only your pubic hair and nothing else on your body.

NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer Kit


You can train your dog, and it turns out, you can also train your face.

What this weird gadget does is uses micro-current technology to give you a “non-invasive facial-lift.” It sounds pretty good, mostly because there’s no scalpel involved.

If this gadgets doesn’t work, you can also keep it on your shelf and tell people it’s a weird sculpture that you picked up when you were in Europe. So there’s really no down side to getting this.

Cat Eyeliner Stencil


Getting the perfect cat eye is super hard, if not impossible. We’re pretty sure only Catwoman can do it.

But this stencil makes it a lot easier to paint your eyeliner on. And it’s shaped like a cat, which makes it cuter but also lets you know what it’s for.

Finally! We won’t have to walk around with one really good cat eye and one really wonky cat eye. Although, that’s kind of our signature look now.

Kiss I-Envy Brow Stamp Kit


Getting the perfect brow is hard work. It’s about time someone made it easier on us all.

Why draw on your brows when you can stamp them on? Yes, it is a legit stamp, like the kind you used to play with as a kid, except for its eyebrows.

There’s one stamp for the right eye, and one stamp for the left eye.  Because it would be pretty weird if you had to walk around with two right eyebrows.

Exfoliating Socks


Exfoliating socks are probably the weirdest beauty product out there, just because of what they do to your feet.

Sure, they make your skin soft and smooth. But they also make your feet look super weird when they’re on the way there.

Thanks, but we’re going to stick with putting our feet into a bowl of fish and have the fish eat off all of our dead skin. It’s less bizarre than going through the whole ordeal of exfoliating socks.

Dr. Jart Shake + Shot Rubber Modeling Mask


The packaging of this face mask totally creeps us out. Why is the lid a baby’s face? Why is there a straw sticking out of its mouth?

But the face mask inside has nothing on that weird baby.

This face mask comes with two ingredients that you shake together, then you apply the rubber modeling clay that you’ve created to your face in order to get soft, supple skin. It’s pretty DIY, but beauty takes some elbow grease.