You’ll Be Staring At These ‘When You See It’ Images A Bit Before You Finally Get It

By lheidi - June 18, 2019

Not everything is immediately obvious. There are some things that it takes a while to get, but then when you finally get it, you start wondering why you didn’t get it in the first place, because it’s so obvious. It takes you on a lot of soul searching. You wonder, what’s wrong with you? Do you need to get your eyes checked or something? Or maybe you just didn’t see it because you didn’t want to see it. There’s no use giving yourself a hard time over it. Some photos are just tricky and hard to get, and that’s okay.

These photos might mess with you a little bit. You might have to take the afternoon off to stare at them and wonder what they’ve got going on inside them. Clear off your day. Tell everyone you’re not feeling well and have to go home early. Then spend the rest of your time clicking through.

Cat's Meow


This cat’s fur is in the shape of… another cat? It’s almost as if another cat is standing over it and casting it’s shadow on the white cat.

It also looks like another cat was laying on the white cat, then got up and left his imprint on the white cat.

Or maybe the white cat absorbed a second cat, and this cat now has 18 lives – his original nine, plus the nine that was given to him by the other cat.

The Music Of Nature


The placement of the cliffs and islands makes nature look like one big musical instrument.

Of course, if someone was going to play this world’s largest violin, they’d have to have a pretty big bow to do it.

They’d also have to get some pretty big sheet music from somewhere. And the conductor would also have to be a giant. There are just a lot of logistics that go into playing an instrument that’s this freaking huge.

Shower Power


A lot of locker rooms have a “no phones” policy, and there’s a very good reason for that.

If you look closely, you can see someone in this group photo who’s clearly an outsider hanging out.

And we really do mean hanging out. If you’re going to take a photo after a game, you should make sure that nobody else has hit the showers. And definitely make sure that they’re not cleaning the parts that get the most dirty.

Two For One


If you’re trying to get a head count to see how many people attended this rally, it’s going to be a challenge.

This photo proves that two heads are better than one, especially when it comes to a full head of hair.

If you look closely at the man in the blue shirt, you can see that his hair has gone through a makeover between photos. And that’s pretty impressive, because we don’t see a salon anywhere here.

Hair Brained


Either this woman’s really good at styling her hair, or her bun has a life of it’s own.

It’s almost as if this girl has a shrunken head hanging out on top of her regular head.

Either that, or she cut out a silhouette and pasted it to the top of her head, then decided to go to the beach like that for some reason. We’re not sure if that new hair trend is going to catch on.

Beard Blues


Something funky is going on in this photo, and we’re not sure what. There are two possible explanations for it.

This guy could be standing in front of a girl who has really long hair, making it look like his beard is really long.

Or this guy could just have a really long beard, but he also has a backwards butt going on. We’re pretty sure it’s probably the second one. He’s got a serious medical condition.

Jeans Jam


No, this photo isn’t an optical illusion. It’s actually a photo of what you think it is.

This is actually a girl with a really high torso and four legs. What else could it possibly be?

What? Like she’s standing in front of a half of a mannequin wearing jeans while she’s in a store that sells a ton of jeans? We don’t think so! She’s just trying to find a pair of pants that fit four legs.

Hover Board


These people are sitting on the park bench of the future, aka, a park bench that you just hover over instead of sitting.

Either that, or they’re working on their leg muscles, and they’re getting a really good workout doing it, too.

Or maybe a magician made them levitate, and now they’re just overing over the ground and being all chill about it, too. We’d probably be freaked out if a magician made us hover like this.

Tight Fit


On the surface, it looks like these dogs are having a good time, hugging it out in this car.

But if you look closer, you’ll see someone who is not at all happy about what’s going on here.

There’s a cat getting smushed between them. Poor little guy. As if having to hang out with dogs wasn’t bad enough. He’s also got to be the peanut butter in their sandwich, too. There’s no way he’s getting out of there.

Where's Waldo


When you take a wedding photo in a public park, it’s probably going to get photobombed. That’s just the price you pay.

But this couple got their wedding photo photobombed in the most epic way possible.

We found Waldo. This one’s just too easy. You need to have like fifty couples getting married in the photo to make it harder for us to find Waldo. Our eye goes right to him. We won’t tell you where, because that’s cheating.

Some Shirts


Think that these are just normal shirts for sale inside a clothing store? Think again.

These shirts are clearly possessed and have a person living inside them. Take a look at those selves and then tell us that there isn’t a person who got trapped inside the fabric.

We are not going to go anywhere near this store. We don’t accidentally want to buy one of the possessed shirts. It’s just not a good look for us.

Simply Radiant


Have you ever noticed how much an accordion looks like a radiator? No? Then we’ll give you a minute.

Now do you notice how much an accordion looks like a radiator? We’re wondering if this guy did, or if he tried to play one on accident.

Although, we’re not sure which one sounds better tan the other one. We’ll take the weird heat noises of a radiator any day of the week over the accordion music and sounds.

Dog House


This girl is trying to show off in this photo, but we’re pretty sure she’s showing off more than she intended.

If you look close, you can see her dog getting a drink of water in the corner.

Nobody kiss that dog on the mouth. Not until you give that dog some Listerine first. That dog is full of all sorts of germs you don’t want anywhere near your mouth. But at least he’s no longer thirsty?

Life's A Beach


On the surface, this looks like a group photo where everyone is making the same gesture with their arms and hands.

But when you look closer… it’s still a photo of everyone making the same gesture with their arms and hands.

We guess the memo to raise your arm and point your hand made it all the way out to the water, too. There’s a guy in a raft who’s doing the same thing. Not sure if he’s with them, though.

Duck And Cover


It’s pretty cool that this Coke bottle was so reflective that someone could take a photo of themselves in it.

It’s not cool that there’s an airplane heading straight towards them. How does this even happen?

Did they notice it in time? Or did the plane go crashing straight into the bottle of Coke? Hey, when you want to grab a refreshing Coke, you don’t let anything stop you – even if you’re currently flying an airplane.

Dog Days


Who says that dogs can’t go to school and get a higher education, just like humans?

Who says that dogs won’t learn anything if they sit in a lecture hall because dogs don’t know human language and also can’t think the way humans do?

Who says that it’s also not a good idea to bring your dog to class because some people have allergies? Not the person who took this photo, apparently. There’s a dog getting his learning on.

Love Yourself


If you don’t have a date to the dance, don’t sweat it. You can always do what this guy did and love himself.

There’s a whole crowd of people slow dancing with their dates. This guy decided to go outside of the box and slow dance with his date.

Honestly, it’s not a bad idea. His date isn’t going to stand him up or leave with someone else at the end of the night. Good thinking, kid.

Family Feud


This photo is way darker than it seems. You just need to know where to look.

And once you look, you can’t unsee what you saw. Yes, this family keeps their kids in their dog cage.

Of course, it’s always possible that the kids just love hanging out in there. Maybe it reminds them of their crib? Or maybe they just love their dog so much that they want to hang out in its kennel when its not there?

Sand Man


Look a little harder and you’ll see the hidden person in this photo. And no, this isn’t another Where’s Waldo photo.

You know you need to hit the beach and get a tan when you blend in with the sand.

We’re almost wondering if this is a photo of a ghost who just loves to soak up the rays. Because nothing living could be that pale. It’s just not humanely possible, unless you sat in white paint.

Give Me A Hand


It looks like this person is holding their hand to their chin and thinking, right? Wrong.

Look again closer. That’s not a hand. It’s a foot. Although, we do have to hand it to her for being that flexible.

We hope she washed her feet before she took this photo, otherwise her chin is going to smell like dirty foot and stinky shoes, and that’s not going to be fun, especially if someone swoops in for a kiss.