Your Favorite Celebs Dish On Some Of Their Favorite Scenes

By lheidi - July 01, 2019

When actors film the scenes you seen in the movies, they end up having an experience that you don’t see on the screen. There’s all sorts of juicy off-camera drama and gossip that happens when they’re working on a movie. And they usually don’t spill the beans about it. Actors also have roles that they prefer over other roles. Their roles aren’t like children. It’s totally fine for them to pick favorites. Although, it’s probably fine if you pick a favorite kid, depending on who your kids are.

Sometimes actors keep the experiences they have on set all to themselves. And sometimes they like to share what happened to them and what they did with the entire world. They’re actors, after all. Sometimes it’s hard for them to eat breakfast without letting everyone know. Click through and see which scenes your favorite actors loved filming the most. It might not be what you think.

Jason Alexander


One of Jason Alexander’s favorite scenes when working on the show Seinfeld, was in the episode “The Marine Biologist.”

Alexander had a pretty big monologue to deliver in the episode. Not only was Alexander able to get it on the first take, but he was able to get it without having to rehearse it first.

There are some miracle moments when you’re filming television, and this certainly sounds like one of those. It’s not easy to get a big chunk of text.

Jamie Lee Curtis


Jamie Lee Curtis has done so many great things, sometimes it’s hard to remember that she was in Halloween. 

But her time working on the movie is something she’ll never be able to forget because of what the crew did.

Curtis had to film a very emotional scene on the last day of shooting for the movie. The crew all wore name tags that read “we are Laurie Strode” in order to get Curtis to the emotional place she ended to go.

Mark Hamill


You would think that just being in Star Wars at all would be enough to be someone’s favorite thing.

But Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker, had a favorite moment within filming the original trilogy, and it’s not what you would expect.

Hamill said he loved the moment in Return of the Jedi where he had to get awkwardly trapped in a net with the other cast members. Now we know that Mark Hamill is into some pretty weird stuff, huh.

John Krasinski


Every episode of The Office is our favorite episode. But John Krasinski has one favorite episode in particular.

The actor who plays Jim says that he loved the Booze Cruise episode, and we totally get it. It was one of the cutest episodes of the season. The Jim and Pam romance really took off, and Steve Carrell was strapped to the front of the Booze Cruise boat.

Plus, who wouldn’t love getting to spend time on a boat with Steve Carrell?

The Cast Of Black Panther


The entire cast of Black Panther loved filming one particular moment of the epic film in particular.

Everyone said that they loved filming the scenes that took place under the waterfall in Wakanda. Not only that, but they ended up dating to “Drop it Like its Hot” by Snoop Dogg when they were in between takes.

What we wouldn’t give to have been part of that. The waterfall is stunning on screen, it must have been even more stunning in real life.

Bill Hader


If you’re on Saturday Night Live, there are probably too many amazing moments to count. But Bill Hader counts one of them as the most amazing.

The actor and impressionist got to play in a band that had Foo Fighters’ front man Dave Grohl in it.

Hader later said that the high that he got from that moment lasted for two months after they filmed that moment. It must be amazing to get to work with people you idolize.

Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


Game of Thrones is a very serious show, but that doesn’t mean that the actors can’t have fun behind the scenes.

When they were filming the court room scene in season four, Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau broke out into dance.

Honestly, we would have loved to see that spontaneous dance make the final cut of the show. If a water bottle and a coffee cup made it in, why couldn’t Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau dancing make it in?

Robin Williams


We all wish that we could fly, but only some people actually get to have that experience.

So it totally makes sense that when Robin Williams said that he loved the scenes where he got to fly as Peter Pan when he was filming Hook.

The feeling of soaring when he was flying was something that he said he loved. Even though we know he was attached to wires, we still like to pretend that he was flying around.

Sir Patrick Stewart


Sir Patrick Stewart said that there was one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that he loved more than others, and there’s a very personal reason for it.

When Stewart filmed “The Inner Light,” he got to act with his real life son, Daniel.

It’s almost as if the Enterprise had take your son to work day, an Captain Picard got to participate in a very epic way. We just hope he didn’t mess with the controls.

Jack Gleeson


Sometimes your favorite scene is the last scene you will ever shoot. Jack Gleeson has a very morbid reason behind his favorite Game of Thrones scene.

Gleeson said that he loved filming the scene where his character dies.

Not only did he get to lie around pretending to be dead with stones in his eyes, but he got to see the people who played his parents get all up on each other right by his dead body.

Iain Glen


Iain Glen enjoyed a very different type of scene when he was acting on Game of Thrones. 

Glen, who played Jorah Mormon, said that he loved filming the pit fight sequence, and there was a very personal reason behind it.

Glen’s daughter was on set that day, so she got to watch her old man fight with another man while he was at work. It’s always a good day when you can look cool in front of your young offspring.

Leonardo DiCaprio


No, Leonardo DiCaprio’s favorite scenes in Wolf of Wall Street weren’t the ones where he got to pretend that Margot Robbie was his wife.

DiCaprio said that he loved filming any of the scenes where he got to deliver a motivational speech to the people in his office.

He said that delivering the inspirational speeches made him feel powerful. We get it. There’s nothing like giving a good inspirational speech to get you going in the morning. It’s better than coffee.

Alden Ehrenreich


There are some moments that we wish would make it on screen, instead of being a behind the scenes thing.

Alden Ehrenreich’s favorite moment of filming Solo — A Star Wars Story is one of those moments.

The cast was tired, cold and worn out when they were filming in the Dolomite Mountains. But then Woody Harrelson started a snowball fight and brought everyone back to life. Seriously, why couldn’t that be in the movie? We’d rather watch that.

Paul Rudd


For some actors, like Paul Rudd, their favorite moment is just being on the set at all.

Rudd is a pretty big comic book fan, so it was really cool for him to be on the set of Captain America Civil War. 

There was one moment when Chris Evans took a break to go to the bathroom, so Rudd got to hold Captain America’s Shield. He was super excited about getting to hold it, even though it was a prop

Kevin Conroy


Getting to voice Batman in Batman — The Animated Series wasn’t cool enough on its own for Kevin Conroy.

The real thing that Conroy loved doing was getting to voice Batman and Batman’s father in the episode “Perchance to Dream.” It’s twice as nice.

We totally get it, because we love walking around imitating Batman’s gravelly voice, and we’re not even getting paid to do it. We just do it for fun, because who doesn’t love talking like that every now and then?

Christian Bale


Christian Bale is known for going to extremes when he’s playing a part in a movie.

When Bale filmed the movie Rescue Dawn, he said, “No thanks” to using a stunt double for some of the scary action scenes in the movie.

Bale said he loved getting to do the action scenes, even though they were kind of dangerous. We were surprised, because we’re pretty sure he would have loved getting donuts to put on weight to play Dick Cheney even more.

Kevin Kline


There are a lot of things to love about filming a western. You’re literally playing cowboys and Indians as your job.

But Kevin Kline said that he loved one thing about filming Silverado more than anything else.

Kline loved riding around on the horses in the movie. When they wrapped for the day, the crew had a hard time getting him off. We’re pretty sure he’s probably still on one right now. He’s riding off into the sunset.

Ethan Hawke


As a hunky heartthrob actor, Ethan Hawke has had to kiss a lot of women in his career.

Heck, he was even married to Uma Thurman and got to kiss her in his personal life, too.

But his favorite on screen kiss was with Angelina Jolie in Taking Lives. What’s that? It wasn’t with Thurman when they worked together in Gattica? Okay, now we can totally see why they’re not still together anymore.

Michael C. Hall


When Michael C. Hall was filming Dexter, he got to live out a moment that a lot of people secretly dream of.

Hall got to completely destroy Dexter’s lab by actually throwing things and smashing it up when they filmed the scene.

We all love a good excuse to throw a chair. It’s even better when that excuse is that you’re getting paid to throw it because your job is actor and the writers gave you permission to go to town.

Angela Kinsey


Angela Kinsey, who played Angela on The Office, has a very specific favorite episode of the show.

Kinsey loved filming the Yankee Swap episode just because of the way the Yankee swap took place behind the scenes.

Someone received a poster of babies playing jazz, something that none of the actors saw before the actor opened the gift. When the gift was revealed, everyone ended up bursting out laughing because the poster was so ridiculous. But who got to keep it?